Twelve components of Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing is considered one of the best ways to reach the global population thriving on the internet. It helps in earning more customers or consumers in a short span time, and these increase the brand reputation of the business organization. In the last few decades, the way of selling and buying products has changed significantly.


Marketing and promotion of products mainly concentrate on reaching a large number of customers or potential customers within a short period. Hence, a small business organization needs to use digital marketing. This will help them to increase their brand value and make their business trustworthy to the customers.


In the current market scenario, business organizations give more critical in reaching out to more people, because that is the sole way to earn better revenue. For a company to survive and at the same time grow significantly, they must choose a proper business strategy. Digital marketing is more useful and faster than the traditional one. So, many business organizations prefer digital marketing and do it properly, the organization must follow their own strategies:


  1. Website:

The website of the company plays a vital part in digital marketing. The potential customers of a business organization more often have the tendency to prefer companies that have a professional approach. The website of the company must depict the purpose of the business organization clearly. The website should have an original and well-knit write-up which says about the business

  1. Email:

Email marketing is gaining popularity nowadays as it is capable of educating a large number of audiences about their product or service within a short time. The business organization can use email marketing to inform their already existing customers about their new products and services.


They can also contact the visitors of their websites through email marketing. Email marketing is best in driving traffic to specific points, and also it builds credibility.


  1. Content:

Reports by Forbes say that 82% of the consumers conduct their research online to know about the service or product before availing it. A report from Tech Crunch shows that 79% of people shop online. Therefore, a company must concentrate on having good content which can drive the customers or potential customers to the website.


Nowadays, most buyers prefer to look for information about the business online before making any decision. Hence, the company needs to create content that will represent the brand’s values, visions, and views. The business organization, too, must ensure that the content messaging is aligned with the brand platform.

  1. SEO words:

The content marketer for the organization must choose SEO carefully. Most of the customers tend to do basic product research online. SEO words play a vital role in driving traffic to the website of a company. The content marketer must select the SEO words carefully because proper SEO words can help the content rank higher on search engines.


  1. Social media marketing:

Media advertisements are considered one of the best tools for digital marketing. The business organization can have their business blog. They can share their blog posts, articles about new products on the company’s social media pages. This will help to catch the attention of the people who spend most of their time on social media.

  1. Paid Ads and Pay-per-click ads:

Marketing strategy for business growth must include Paid ads. In the current market scenario being visible decides the presence of a business. Therefore, the company must invest in paid ads. Organic search, Pay-per-click ads, and paid ads can help in generating a better result in search engine optimization.


  1. Lead management:

The main aim of digital marketing is to generate leads. Therefore it is the responsibility of an organization to manage the leads, nurture them with proper content. Lack of point nurturing can be a reason for weak sales. Appropriate lead nurturing will help to turn them into customers


  1. Marketing automation:

According to Per VB Insight, “80% of marketing users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase. Generating lead for a company is as essential as following and nurturing them. The company should do marketing automation based on its sales cycles, targets, promotions, etc. This will lead to the maximization of the potential of active leads that enter the period.


  1. Webinars:

Webinars play a significant role in educating the customers about the business, building credibility, creating brand awareness, and generating leads. Therefore it is essential to include webinars in digital marketing strategy.


  1. Videos:

Videos, in digital marketing strategy, can help to create attractive and engaging content for the website. A recent report says that 64% of customers prefer to buy anything online only after watching a video from the site.


  1. Different Sales tools:

A business organization needs to be accessible to its customers. Therefore the business must invest in various sales tools like a brochure, mobile sales app, sales presentation, etc.

  1. Analytics:

Analytics is the best feature of digital marketing as it can constantly check the outcome of the marketing strategy they are implementing. Based on analytics, companies can optimize their approach and can launch campaigns. This is very helpful for a business organization to know how they can use their investment to maximize its revenue generation.


A business is supposed to compete with other rival firms to sustain in the market, and at the same time, they must choose to grow. Therefore the management of investment is crucial. The digital market allows a business organization to invest very less amount in marketing.


If it is excellently done, digital marketing can offer long term success and at the same time, increase brand value, reputation, and revenue generation as well.



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